What clients say about my work
Image of Amanda and David with U2

David Barry


A creative mind is not a linear place to be. Amanda knows how to connect the dots.

One of her greatest strengths is her ability to help organize creative talent. I know this from my own experience with her while working on the film “Dream Out Loud.”

This was a film I had wanted to make for nearly 20 years, a film about U2 and their relationship with their fans. I had a plan, I could see how it needed to come together, but how do you organize 200 interviews in 5 countries and still stay focused on the story?

Amanda took the reins on the organizational side for me. She contacted each interviewee, set up times and locations, including backup opportunities, to ensure that each person that wanted to be interviewed for the film could be. Every morning I would receive a succinct e-mail with the day’s itinerary of interviews, and some notes on each person. All I had to do was concentrate on the story, and how to get them all into the film.

She was an incredible sounding board for me as I went through the creative process, and always took care of the administrative details. She made every e-mail and letter we needed to send better. She secured the music licenses needed for the songs I wanted to include.

Amanda dares to believe that anything can be achieved because she knows that it is only a function of how hard you are willing to work at it. Everything she did on that film allowed me to be as creative as I could be, focused on the story, and because of that, “Dream Out Loud” is a better film. Thank you, Aardvark Girl!

Image of Melissa Moats

Melissa Moats



Before Amanda “Aardvark Girl” McCune teamed up with us, we struggled to find a business specialist who could cover our unique needs. 

After two years of working with Amanda, she not only checks a wide variety of boxes – from bookkeeping to interacting with our customer base to coordinating in-depth layers of scheduling from behind the scenes – she does it quickly, efficiently, and with a smile.

Amanda excels at anticipating our needs, her attention to detail, and is always cheering for us, doing all she can to help our business grow and thrive. Amanda is smart, savvy, and a great addition to any business needing help with growth and implementing better processes.   

Image of Mark Guyot

Mark Guyot


Before working with Amanda, I was a bit lost.

Lost for time! I was nowhere near organized and she walked me through some very simple ways to get a handle on my books and budgets. It just so happens, all the things I don’t enjoy spending my time on are her strengths!

She has an excellent eye for detail and anyone who is running a successful business would benefit from her insight and talents in managing, tracking and reminding! My experience with her has been excellent all around, from production to producing to management to bookkeeping.

Image of Dustin Ebaugh

Dustin Ebaugh



At TVandRadioVoices.com, Inc., we very much enjoy working with Amanda McCune. She’s been a real beacon of light in our business.

Before Amanda joined us, it was a struggle to keep up with billing, invoicing and payroll. Since hiring Amanda, everything just gets taken care of. She learned our systems and operates within those and she’s amazing!

Amanda has made some suggestions to improve our processes and even client procurement strategies. She spent some real time with us initially and works with us weekly, always available when we need her.

Amanda is available, communicative, collaborative and creative. She just makes our business run smoother. I’d recommend Amanda to any business who needs a consultant or business manager. She has so many wonderful skills!

Image of Jody Montoya

Jody Montoya


Amanda has an ease about her that makes accounting less of a chore.

Somehow, she manages to engage me in my own QuickBooks, something no other business consultant has been able to do.

I look forward to our reviews and her suggestions for my company. She knows her craft and loves to help people.

Image of Eric Jamison

Eric Jamison


My company had been using the same accountant for years and we were very much in a routine. Sometimes being in a routine is very comfortable and it blinds you from looking outside the box.

I had known Amanda for years as well, and after a quick consult it became very apparent that our current accounting methods and processes were outdated, slow and costly. Amanda promised that the new software and systems she was putting in place would greatly decrease our accounting hours and save the company money in the end. That’s exactly what happened.

Amanda as a consultant is very sharp, well organized and always responsive when something is needed. She is also very trustworthy. When it comes to your company and its $$$, you better work with someone you trust, and we trust Amanda. 

Image of Christopher Allen

Christopher Allen

Executive Producer

Working with Amanda has been wildly helpful to us.

We’ve been able to hand off portions of our projects to her that then allow us to focus on staying out in front. She is very good at managing budgets, handling the day-to-day needs of our clients, and keeping projects on track.

I don’t know how we managed without her before she became such an important resource for us!

Image of Natalie Davidson

Natalie Davison

Production Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist

Amanda McCune is greatly needed in running several aspects of my company.

She is organized and extremely knowledgeable in Excel, Google Documents, Quickbooks and more.

As a creative, I can struggle with paperwork and accounting. Amanda has been imperative in growing my business in ways I didn’t know were possible.

Having someone who is as meticulous as her and who truly cares for all her clients is a crucial part any working relationship. When I hire her to do a job with me, I know I’m in the best hands. 

Image of Barbara

Barbara Bermudez

Strategic Producer/Show Director

Miss Amanda has been a joy to work with, not just because of her wicked talented brain that loves to solve financial equations but because she makes it pleasurable even when it’s sticky.

And in the production world, it tends to be sticky more often than not.

Over the years, we have worked on many projects together – and not always in the same capacity. I’ll tell her I’ve got a crazy idea and then ask her to jump into a different role. She’ll give me that inquisitive look, then say, “OK let’s try it,” with a smile.

Probably the best example of a crazy request: taking on the budget management for the Presidential Debate in Las Vegas. It was NOT your usual big budget as it had many diverse requirements and personalities that all needed to succeed. A massive, high-profile project for all involved, but we knew we could conquer it together. And that we did! 

Image of Chase

Chase R. McCurdy



Amanda provided the expertise to establish my business with a confidence rarely experienced by artist entrepreneurs.

Amanda is dedicated and truly cares about her clients’ success. Her knowledge base, experience and genuine desire to get to the bottom of any question make her an excellent supplement to any business.