Amanda Mccune

TV/Film Production Manager & Business Coach for Creatives

Helping you manage your business and find the fun in self-employment

Production Management

Do you need a highly organized and resourceful production manager dedicated to the success of your creative project? I’m here for you.

Business Coaching

Does running your business make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out? Let’s find ways to make it more manageable and enjoyable for you. 

Dependable Production Partner

Whether on set or working remotely behind the scenes, I adapt to the specific demands of each project. I have the confidence to lead and the humbleness to support. I’m happy to be in charge of the whole job or help you with part of it – whatever you need.


Authentic Advisor

Self-employment struggles are real, but every problem has a solution. I’ll give you honest feedback about what you’re doing well and where I think you can improve. You won’t get any judgment from me – I will work with you to find effective ways to manage your business.

Trusted Business Collaborator

I want your business to succeed as much as you do. It can be scary to let someone else in to help, but your time is best spent focused on doing the things you love. I’ll treat your business with the same level of care I give my own.

How Can I Help You?

Running a business is rewarding, but it requires a great deal of responsibility. It takes dedication and commitment to get to where you want to be. It can be overwhelming working on your creative projects while also managing your bookkeeping, admin tasks, and all that other boring stuff. If you’re having a hard time, I want to help you find out why and offer some strategies that might work for you and your business.

I have a bit of a “tough love” approach at times because I’ve been there, and I want to be real with you. Success comes from doing the work. So, I’ll tell it like it is, but I’ll do it with compassion. Think of me as a bridge between your creative mind and those everyday details needed to run your business.

It’s not about learning to do things my way – it’s about finding a way that works for you. My goal is to help you become more productive so you can enjoy what you do every day.


Featured Episode

Check out my weekly business tips in your favorite format (video, podcast & blog available)


Business Coaching Packages

Hourly Sessions

A single, no-pressure session to help you with a specific situation or to see if coaching is right for you.

More Details

If you’re not sure coaching is right for you, you’re probably not comfortable jumping into a long-term commitment. But if you’re feeling stuck in an area of your business and need some guidance, perspective, or to talk through a situation, a simple commitment-free session can help you find clarity. Sometimes one small step is all it takes to shift from thinking about something to actually doing it.

 What You’ll Get:

  • Before the session, I’ll send you a few questions to learn more about you and your goals. You can respond via email, audio, or video – however you’re most comfortable communicating
  • We’ll get right down to business and talk about whatever is most important to you
  • I’ll follow up with an email with a few thoughts and suggestions

Monthly Package

If you’re ready to take action, let’s dive in and figure out how to move forward. We can meet monthly. 

More Details

I’ll help you think about things differently and offer guidance on how to optimize your workflow and productivity. The results are up to you and your willingness to make the effort. Let’s get down to business.

What You’ll Get:

  • Before the session, I’ll send you some detailed questions to learn more about you and your goals. You can respond via email, audio, or video – however you’re most comfortable communicating
  • 1hr strategy session
  • 2 X 30min coaching calls
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Ongoing email support
  • Recordings of all sessions to reference later
  • Notes from each session to highlight takeaways

Custom Coaching for Creatives

We can work together to create a customized package for your distinct needs.

More Details

Every business has different priorities, concerns, and budgets. And every individual has different ways of thinking, communicating, and solving problems. Whatever you need, we can create a customized package just for you.

Together, we’ll define your goals and determine which methods will benefit you the most. Options include:

  • Regular strategy sessions
  • Clear-cut assignments
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Coaching calls
  • Email prompts

Featured Projects

It was a pleasure working with R&R Partners as a producer on this campaign to rebrand Las Vegas with its new slogan. My focus was coordinating Aerosmith, Christina Aguilera & Shania Twain for their appearances.


“Amanda dares to believe that anything can be achieved because she knows that it is only a function of how hard you are willing to work at it.”

David Barry


“Amanda has been imperative in growing my business in ways I didn’t know were possible.”

Natalie Davison

Production Makeup Artist

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